Fusion Registry® Pricing

EUR 30,000
per year

SDMX Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud hosted Fusion Registry SDMX statistical data warehouse.

The price includes technical support and maintenance and a 95% availability guarantee.


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Integration project costs, plus license and technical support

Custom-designed SDMX solutions

SDMX solutions using Fusion Registry designed to your requirements.

Metadata Technology and our delivery partners will scope a project to meet your requirements with options ranging from advising your own integration team to complete turn-key SDMX solutions.

Let us know what you need and we will provide a priced proposal.

There's more on the costs of deploying and operating a Fusion Registry on-premises solution below.

The costs of deploying and operating Fusion Registry on-premises

One-off onboarding and integration project costs
Below is an indicative list of work that may be included in the integration project scope.

  • Requirements capture
  • Solution detailed design
  • SDMX data modelling
  • Enhancements to the Fusion Registry software to meet requirements
  • Integration and interfaces with other systems
  • Integration testing
  • Data migration
  • Design and configuration of ETL and data feed processes
  • SDMX training and capacity building
  • System operation and administration training
  • Documentation
  • Bring into service and handover

On-going operating costs
An annual subscription fee covering:

  • Annual subscription license (if not purchasing a perpetual license)
  • Updates, upgrades and technical support

Fusion Registry on-premises license options

Production Instance License
The entry-level option where between one and three production instances are required. Non-production instances (e.g. test or disaster recovery) can be deployed at no extra cost.

Site License
A site license allows deployment of the software on as many servers as required, on a single site. That makes it suitable for organisations like central banks, perhaps implementing a statistical data warehouse, who effectively operate from one location.

Multi-site License
The multi-site license allows Fusion Registry software to be deployed at multiple locations. This option is principally designed for development banks or regional statistics authorities who collect and integrate data from multiple providers making it helpful for each member country or organisation to run their own Fusion Registry installation.

Annual Subscription
An annual fee covering the license, updates, upgrades and technical support.

Perpetual License
A single up-front fee provides a perpetual license and up to three years of updates, upgrades and technical support. Additional support (including updates and upgrades) can be purchased after the initial period.