Metadata Technology was founded by the consultants who developed the SDMX standards

A United Kingom Technology Company

Metadata Technology is based in Godalming, a historic market town near London in the United Kingdom.

This photograph was taken in Mill Lane where our offices are in 1907. The view is the same as that from our office, looking down Mill Lane towards the town. Whilst technology has moved on significantly since 1907, Godalming has managed to preserve its historic nature. Surprisingly there is very little difference between the view today and this photo of 1907 - apart from the horse and cart.

An interesting thing to note in the photo is the prominence of the street lamp. Godalming was the first place in the world to provide electric lighting in both houses and in the streets.

It's good to know that more than 100 years on, Godalming is still hosting technology world leaders - albeit now in the fields of statistics and data science software.

We’re helping people manage and share statistical information

Metadata Technology provides SDMX solutions for official statistics.

The company was founded in 2005 by the consultants that developed the SDMX standards. The aim of the company is to provide consultancy and software tools in support of SDMX. In this role it was the first company to provide SDMX training and independent consulting, as well as the first organisation to develop an SDMX Registry.

Whilst the SDMX syntaxes and formats are important, it is the Information Model that is the defining feature. Metadata Technology realized the utility of the SDMX Information Model very early in the life of SDMX and started the development of a component architecture in 2008. A Java implementation of this architecture was released in 2013 as open source, with a .Net version made available later.

Implementing SDMX in a model-driven way decouples the software from the syntaxes, formats, and versions of SDMX. This approach makes it easy to support non-SDMX formats such as CSV, Excel, and RDF. In 2012, Metadata Technology’s Fusion Registry product, based on this technology, was selected for the SDMX Global Registry which acts as a central repository for official statistics metadata.

In recent years Metadata Technology has developed Fusion Registry cloud services to provide automated SDMX data collection, data validation, structure validation, mapping, transformation, and data dissemination. These cloud services are used by a number of high-profile international organisations. In 2016, Metadata Technology was awarded the contract to replace an international official statistics data collection service with a solution based on the latest Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition. The service will eventually support 450 statistical agencies in 189 countries.

In addition to cloud deployment, Fusion Registry 9 can also be installed on premises and, in this form, is in production use at a number of central banks and national statistics authorities.

Metadata Technology remains active in the SDMX community and has provided technical advice to the SDMX Technical Working Group (TWG) since its inception in 2011.