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Metadata Technology Technical Publications

Metadata Technology White Papers is a repository of technical papers on topics including SDMX, solutions using the Fusion range of products, architectures, deployment, security and more.

Recent Publications

A Scalable HA Architecture for Fusion Registry 20180405.pdf

A reference architecture for deplying Fusion Registry 9 in a scalable, high-availability environment.

Excel Data Reporting Templates Bulletin.pdf

Automatic generation of Excel spreadsheet data reporting forms, unique to each data provider, based on definable templates.

Fusion Registry Public REST API Application Note 201802.pdf

Implementing a public dissemination REST API using Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition.

This guide describes how Fusion Registry can generate dynamic data attributes, based on other reported data in the dataset. The main use case is the dynamic generation of SERIES_TITLE.

Generating Dynamic SDMX Attributes.pdf