Fusion Registry Free Tier

A free to use SDMX metadata registry and an SDMX statistical data warehouse.
Fusion Registry Community Edition

SDMX Metadata Registry

A controlled repository for SDMX structural metadata with a web user interface for interactively browsing, authoring and maintaining structures, and an SDMX-compliant REST API.

  • Structural Metadata Registry.
  • Author and maintain of SDMX structures using the web user interface or programatically through the REST API.
  • Data schema validation - validates that SDMX data is correctly structured.
  • SDMX structure mapping - transform the structure of SDMX data using mapping rules.
  • SDMX data conversion - convert data files between SDMX data formats and versions
Use it for...

A governed and controlled source of SDMX structures for systems and processes throughout the data lifecycle that need access to consistent metadata including data structure definitions, coding schemes and mapping rules.
Think of a data validation application that needs up-to-date Codelists to check whether data has been coded correctly.

Capacity and Limits
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited SDMX structures

License Terms
Public license agreement

Community support on the Fusion Registry Community Forum.

Free for all.

NEW Fusion Registry Data Essentials

SDMX Statistical Data Warehouse

An SDMX metadata registry plus all of the essential functions needed to load, store, process and publish aggregated statistical data using the SDMX standard.

  • Everything the Community Edition does.
  • Load data in Excel or SDMX files interactively using the web interface or programatically through the REST API. One data provider is supported.
  • Store data.
  • Map Dataflows to different dimensionality and coding schemes using SDMX structure mapping.
  • Disseminate data using the SDMX REST data API.
  • Search and explore the data catalogue, select datasets and series to visualise and download using the Fusion Data Browser web application.
Use it for...
  • Internal Statistical Data Warehouse (SDW)
  • Public SDMX data dissemination
  • Preparing SDMX data for reporting to or exchange with other organisations
  • Processing received SDMX data into different structures and formats
Capacity and Limits
  • Max 100,000 series
  • Max 1 million observations
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited SDMX structures

License Terms
Proprietary license agreement

Community support on the Fusion Registry Community Forum.

Installation, Configuration and Enhancement Services
Help is at hand if you need it.
Our partner network can provide a complete range of services to get your Data Essentials implementation project going.

Free to use for central banks, international organisations, national statistics offices, development banks, regional statistics authorities, charities and academic organisations. Just get in touch.

Fusion Registry Community Edition and its predecessor, Fusion Registry 8, have been used since 2013 by official statistics organisations worldwide needing a robust SDMX structural metadata registry and interactive metadata maintenance tool.
The Community Edition is free for anyone to download and use.

New for 2020 is Fusion Registry Data Essentials. The same proven structural metadata registry, plus all of the essential functions needed to load, store, process and publish aggregated statistical data using the SDMX standard. It's designed as a real functional tool for real production use cases. Data volumes are limited to 100,000 series and 1 million observations, but otherwise there are no restrictions on the number of users or structures.
Fusion Registry Data Essentials is free for qualifying official statistics organisations, charities and academic organisations.

System Requirements

The Community Edition and Data Essentials are Java web applications that will run on most Windows or Linux machines with a minimum of 4GB memory.

There are three key pre-requisities:

  • A Java Runtime Environment (JRE or JDK) - Amazon Corretto 8 is a good free-to-use choice
  • A Java web application server - we recommend Apache Tomcat 8.0, 8.5 or 9.0
  • A database service - MySQL, Oracle or SQL Server are supported

Take a look at the quick start guide

Quick Start Guide

Fusion Registry Data Essentials

Everything you need for a statistical data warehouse based on the SDMX standard

Build and maintain your statistical information model using the complete range of SDMX structures.

Load, store and transform data into different structures and coding schemes.

Explore the catalogue of data.
Analyse, visualise and export datasets and series using Fusion Data Browser.

Help when you need it...

If you plan to use Fusion Registry Data Essentials but need some custom features or expert help, Metadata Technology and our partner network can provide a range of professional services to help deliver your project.

SDMX Software Development
  • Custom features - commission Metadata Technology to add custom features like integrations with third-party tools, and plug-ins for additional data formats or validation rules
  • Custom data web applications - Metadata Technology can design and build custom Fusion Registry-driven web applications like dissemination portals or visualisation tools using our SDMX JavaScript and TypeScript frameworks designed for the purpose
  • Solution architecture design guidance
  • Data migration
Solution Design and Build
  • Solution architecture design guidance
  • Software installation and configuration
  • Design, build and maintain 'turn-key' solutions
  • Data migration
SDMX Modelling
  • SDMX modelling - expert guidance on designing an SDMX model for your specific data use case (DSDs, Concepts, coding schemes etc)