Open source reference implementation of SDMX


Open source reference implementation of SDMX

SdmxSource for Java

The current release of SdmxSource for Java is The Java jar files are all hosted on our Nexus Repository and available to download via Maven.

The following sections describe how to set up and configure a Maven project to use SdmxSource. There's also a detailed programmers' guide and the complete Javadoc.

Programmers' Guide Javadoc
Getting Started
1. Set up a link to Nexus Repository

SdmxSource for Java is available from the Metadata Technology Nexus Repository The necessary jar files can be downloaded directly into your project by enabling Maven in your IDE and modifying the settings.xml file to reference this repository. Eclipse or equivalent Java IDEs work well.

An example settings.xml can be downloaded HERE.

2. Create a Maven Project

Create a new Maven Project in your IDE and add the SdmxSource dependencies that you need for your project to the pom.xml file.

A Maven dependency requires a groupId, artifactId, and version. The groupId of the SdmxSource projects is org.sdmxsource. The latest version is Here's a list of the available artefacts:

  • SdmxApi - The SdmxAPI defines high level SDMX Interfaces. These include the domain objects (SdmxBeans), retrieval managers, data writers, and data readers.
  • SdmxBeans - The SdmxBeans contain implementations of all the domain Objects as defined in the SDMXApi module. The SdmxSuperBeans and MutableBeans are also in the module.
  • SdmxDataParser - The Data Parser offers the ability to discover meta information about an SDMX-ML or EDI dataset, transform data, create SDMX Schemas, Validate Datasets, and more.
  • SdmxEdiParser - The EDI Parser parses an EDI message into SdmxBeans and/or a DataReaderEngine. The EDI parser can also write EDI structure messages from SdmxBeans, and write EDI data with the EDIDataWriterEngine. The EDI parser is used by the StructureParser to handle EDI structure messages.
  • SdmxFileQueryProcessor - Loads SDMX data from file.
  • SdmxQueryBuilder - Builds SDMX data queries.
  • SdmxSourceUtil - Utility functions.
  • SdmxStructureParser - The Structure Parser provides functionality to validate and build SdmxBeans and SuperBeans from SDMX-ML and EDI messages. The Structure Parser can also write SDMX-ML from SdmxBeans. The Structure Parser offers the ability to resolve cross references, and externally referenced structures.
  • SdmxStructureRetrieval - The Structure Retrieval module provides implementation classes for interfaces which define methods for retrieving Sdmx Structures and Registrations.

The pom.xml excerpt below shows the SdmxStructureParser artefact added as a dependency:


Maven will automatically connect to the SdmxSource repository and download the SdmxStructureParser.jar file, along with any other jar files that are required.

A complete example pom file can be downloaded HERE.

Key Modules
Information Model
3. Start Coding

The Programmers' Guide provides detailed practical guidance on how to use the SdmxSource framework.

Javadoc can be found HERE.

Download the demo project HERE (48K).

SdmxSource for the Microsoft .NET Framework

A Microsoft .NET version of SdmxSource is maintained and distributed by Eurostat.

Eurostat .NET SdmxSource