SDMX Software as a Service

Metadata Technology's software as a service delivers fully hosted and managed SDMX solutions for data and metadata

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Fully Managed

Our software as a service (SaaS) delivers full SDMX solutions, hosted in the cloud and managed by us. With no infrastructure to set up, no configuration to complete and no system maintenance to worry about, you can focus on achieving your strategic objectives.


We recognise that your needs are unique. So our SaaS solutions are tailored to your specific requirements, whether they be high availability, multiple dissemination servers distributed across a number of regions or bespoke user interfaces.


Out standard SaaS services are delivered using the Amazon Web Services cloud computing platform, making it quick, simple and cost effective to scale as user demand grows. For temporary peaks in demand such as when new data is published, solutions can be designed to auto-scale, ensuring that service remains responsive and performant under varying demand conditions.


Security of the service and your data is of paramount importance which is why we commission regular independent penetration tests of public facing application interfaces. Explicit protection is also included for Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks.

Where no public interface is required, private cloud solutions which are not accessible from the Internet can be supplied to seamlessly and securely integrate SDMX services with your internal systems and processes.

For government clients, approved secure cloud hosting can be provided.

Case Study

High availability cloud-based SDMX SaaS solution using Fusion Registry 9

An international client required a SDMX structural metadata repository and public dissemination solution, delivered as a fully managed cloud service with minimum monthly availability of 99%.

Metadata Technology's solution was to deploy Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition on a dedicated Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-based architecture organised as four separate environments: Production, Staging, Test and Training.

Key features


The system can automatically increase the number of active Fusion Registry servers if demand increases.

Automatic recovery

The availability and health of each server is checked every 60 seconds. Servers that fail the health check are automatically shutdown and replaced.

Transparent failover

Fail-over from one server to another is completely transparent to users, even if they have an active session.

Rolling software deployment

Software upgrades can be deployed with zero downtime.

In practice, 99.9999% availability has been achieved – substantially exceeding the client’s 99% requirement and our 99.9% target.

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