High Performance SDMX Statistical Data and Metadata Management Software


Statistical database and metadata management software

Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition
SDMX Statistical Database

Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition

Statistical database and metadata management system

  • SDMX structural metadata management
  • SDMX data collection, integration and storage
  • SDMX data validation and transformation
  • SDMX data exchange
  • SDMX data dissemination
  • SDMX reference metadata

Fusion Edge Server

Scalable dissemination edge server

  • High-performance in-memory data dissemination server
  • SDMX REST web services for driving dissemination web sites or providing a public API

Fusion Reporting Node

Light-weight connector application run by each data reporter where data is collected from multiple reporting organisations

  • Validation and transformation of reporting data
  • Automatic reporting of data to the data collector’s central Fusion Registry


JavaScript client side API for building web apps using Fusion Registry on the back-end

  • Structural metadata retrieval and manipulation
  • Data retrieval and visualisation including pivot table control

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License and Pricing

Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition is available on annual subscription under proprietary commercial license.

The system can be deployed on premises, or delivered as a cloud service fully hosted and managed by Metadata Technology.

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SDMX Community Tools
Free to use software tools for SDMX

Fusion Registry Community Edition

Structural metadata management system

  • SDMX structural metadata management
  • SDMX data validation and transformation

Fusion Security

Fusion Registry directory server

  • User access control
  • User role management
  • Can be used with both Fusion Registry Community and Enterprise editions


Microsoft Excel add-in for Fusion Registry

  • Structural metadata browsing and authoring
  • Data browsing and authoring (when used with Fusion Registry Enterprise Edition

Fusion Transformer

Transformation of data and structures betwen SDMX versions

  • SDMX 1.0, 2.0, 2.1

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License and Pricing

The SDMX Community Tools are free to download and use under the terms of a public license agreement.


Metadata Technology’s Fusion portfolio of SDMX data and metadata management software is designed for market leading performance, compatibility and reliability.

Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition is an integrated enterprise-grade SDMX compliant statistical database incorporating structural metadata management, data validation, data transformation, data collection, data dissemination and reference metadata. A range of enterprise deployment features and options are available including an SDMX-optimised in-memory database, Active Directory integration and horizontal scaling support.

Fusion Reporting Node helps automate the collection of data from multiple providers with a Hub-and-Node architecture.

Fusion Edge Server is for dissemination. A scalable cluster can be deployed locally, or distributed across multiple geographic regions, to create a performant and resilient dissemination solution.

The Enterprise edition is available on annual subscription which includes SLA backed on-demand expert technical support and regular bug-fix and new-feature updates.

Fusion Registry 9 Enterprise Edition can be supplied as packaged software for on-premises deployment, or delivered as a fully managed cloud service.

The free-to-use SDMX Community Tools, which include the Fusion Registry Community Edition and Fusion Transformer are ideal for organisations who have their own data repository, reporting, collection and dissemination systems but need a robust SDMX metadata management solution. By default, there’s no on-demand support for the Community Tools although SLA backed service contracts are available if required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

All Fusion products meet the latest SDMX specification and provide full support for versions 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1, plus legacy SDMX-EDI. Future versions of the standard will also be supported.