Fusion Reporting Cloud

Automated data posting for countries that participate in the IMF data dissemination standards

Fusion Reporting Cloud simplifies and automates the process of posting the files required from countries in the IMF data dissemination standards.

Fusion Reporting Cloud is an Internet accessible cloud service for managing and automating the process of reporting statistical data for IMF member countries who subscribe to the Special Data Dissemination Standard (SDDS), the Special Data Dissemination Standard Plus (SDDS Plus) and the Enhanced General Data Dissemination Standard (e-GDDS).

Fusion Reporting Cloud provides an automated solution that accepts data submitted as standard Excel spreadsheets or SDMX, checks it for compliance with the IMF's data specification and automatically creates and hosts a National Summary Data Page (NSDP) - a public web page that lists all of a country's reported datasets for SDDS, SDDS Plus, or e-GDDS, together with links to view and download it.

For SDDS Plus subscribers, and SDDS subscribers who choose to, it also reports the data to the IMF electronically using SDMX - an international standard for machine-to-machine exchange of official statistics.

Six Months Free

Try Fusion SDMX Reporting Cloud free for free six months.

No restrictions. Evaluate and trial the service using the IMF's training system, or use it for live reporting.

How it works


Data Sheet

Fusion Reporting Cloud

MANAGED SERVICE: no websites to host or infrastructure to maintain

FAST DEPLOYMENT: ready to go within 24 hours

SIMPLE TO OPERATE: submit data as Excel, no SDMX expertise required

COMPLIANT: fully compliant with the IMF's reporting requirements

EXPERT SDMX SUPPORT: expert advice and support

SIX MONTHS FREE: no-risk trial


Metadata Technology will perform all of the required service set up and configuration. Our team of SDMX experts will also provide the necessary advice and assistance to ensure your reporting readiness project runs smoothly.


Fusion Reporting Cloud will automatically generate and host a National Summary Data Page (NSDP) which is an IMF requirement. The NSDP is a web page providing public access to the reported data.


The URL of the NSDP page and, if required, the data URLs registered with SDMX Central, can all use an Internet domain that you own.


Log in to the secure Fusion Reporting Cloud web console to upload and publish new data, examine what is currently being reported and administer the service.


Fusion Reporting Cloud automatically checks that reported data complies with the IMF's data specification. A detailed error report is provided ensuring any issues can be quickly identified and fixed.


New datasets are held in a staging area until reviewed and approved for publication by an authorised Data Manager.


Fusion Reporting Cloud comes with a comprehensive data browser providing Web Console and National Summary Data Page users with an easy way to explore, visualise and export the data.


Confidential datasets that are marked as 'private' will not be included on the NSDP, will not be reported to the IMF and will only accessible to specific users through the Web Console.


Fusion Reporting Cloud comes with full technical support and advice. Contact the support team by email, telephone or through Metadata Technology's ticketing system.

Fusion Reporting Cloud Web Console

The Fusion Reporting Cloud Web Console can be accessed using a standard web browser and provides all of the functions needed to report data and admininster the service.

The Console integrates closely with the IMF's SDMX Central data collection system which defines exactly what datasets should be reported and how the data should be structured. It means the Console can automatically verify that uploaded datasets comply with the IMF's specification, and provide an instant status report.

Each reporting agency can have multiple user accounts. Users with the Data Provider role are able to upload datasets to the staging area and verify them. However, only users with the Data Manager role have the authority to Publish datasets to the IMF. The Data Dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of what datasets have been published, the number of series and when the last update was made.

Plans and Pricing

Fusion Reporting Cloud
per month

United States Dollars, billed annually

The Agency Plan is suitable for individual organisations or countries where a single agency reports to the IMF.

  • Support for a single data reporting agency
  • Data volume up to 100 million observations
  • Unlimited web console users
  • One National Summary Data Page
  • Technical support
Fusion Reporting Cloud
per month

United States Dollars, billed annually

The Country Plan is suitable for countries with up to three agencies that each report individually to the IMF.

  • Support for up to three data reporting agencies
  • Data volume up to 100 million observations
  • Unlimited web console users
  • One National Summary Data Page (the reported data will be combined and published as a single page for the country)
  • Technical support
Payment Options

Payment on invoice. An official Purchase Order will be required to continue the Fusion Reporting Cloud service after the end of the initial six month free period.