Fusion Registry® 9
SDMX Data and
Metadata Management

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Metadata Technology provides SDMX and time-series database solutions for official statistics and business

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High performance software solutions for SDMX.

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Consultancy and Training

SDMX expert advice and training.

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Who we are

We’re helping people manage and share statistical information.

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Fusion Registry®9 Enterprise

A very quick overview.

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About SDMX

SDMX stands for Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange. It is the ISO standard for describing and exchanging official statistics like countries’ balance of payments, education performance and social development. SDMX is sponsored by seven international organisations.

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Excel Data Reporting Templates

Excel Data Reporting Templates is a new feature for Fusion Registry® 9 which simplifies and improves manual data collection by automatically generating pre-formatted Excel data reporting spreadsheets, personalised for each data provider.

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Use Cases

  • Store and manage SDMX structural metadata
  • Disseminate data
  • High performance data dissemination
  • Collect data from multiple providers
  • Disseminate data to a global audience

SDMX Software as a Service (SaaS)

Metadata Technology's Software as a Service delivers fully hosted and managed SDMX data and metadata solutions – tailored to your requirements.

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