Consultancy and Training

Expert advice and training on SDMX
and Fusion Registry 9

Expert advice on SDMX and information modelling

Metadata Technology has a substantial track record of advising organisations on their implementation of SDMX. Having been involved in the development of the SDMX standards, we’re well placed to do that.

Being the authors of the SdmxSource open source software also helps. SdmxSource is used widely in the SDMX community – the feedback has provided an in-depth understanding of what’s needed to make the standard work in practice.

Recent consulting assignments include:

  • analysis of a current data dissemination system advising on the approach and benefits of using a component architecture built around the SDMX Information Model
  • how best to experiment with multi-dimensional data structures using live data from a current indicator's based data structure
  • integration of SdmxSource into existing statistical systems
  • expert critical appraisal of an existing data dissemination service to identify opportunities for service improvement and advise on the best implementation approach
  • mapping other data and metadata models to the SDMX Information Model

Metadata Technology continues to work closely with the SDMX sponsor organisations. In particular with the SDMX Technical Working Group (TWG) on developing the SDMX standard in areas such as SDMX-JSON and the VTL (validation and transformation language).

We have also contributed to the GSIM (Generic Statistical Information Model) where we were the lead modellers.

If you're planning to use SDMX in your organisation or wish to determine what SDMX can do for you, then we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

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Training on SDMX or Metadata Technology's software products

Metadata Technology is able to provide standard or bespoke training courses on SDMX or any of our software products.

Over the years we have trained over 300 personnel from 50+ organisations in the SDMX standard and available tools including delivering a series of courses as part of the European Statistical Training Programme. Most courses are delivered on-site at clients’ premises where the examples and exercises can be based around the primary statistical domains of the organisation. Other options include venues in London, or remotely via Skype or NetMeeting.

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We are pleased to use Altova XMLSpy® as our XML editing tool on our courses.