Hosted Web Services

Over the years we have provided a variety of hosted web services using cloud technology. We have built up a lot of expertise in cloud technology and how best to use it to host uninterrupted and scalable services. These services usually involve some web site development to support the users of the specific service, and also make use of appropriate tools from the Fusion range of products. These services range from automated data collection (based on data registrations), which includes validation and data preview, to sandboxes, to data portals where data are made available centrally but are actually retrieved by the portal on-demand from the web services of the data providers.


Metadata Technology has recently launched its new Fusion Cloud Services for data validation, mapping, and transformation.

SDMX Integration

Organisations new to SDMX often require assistance in integrating SDMX into their data collection or data reporting systems. This is nowhere near as difficult as it may seem from reading the SDMX standards due to the availability of the Sdmx Source software. This software implements a component architecture where software can be mixed and matched using a set of common APIs. All your system needs to be aware of is the API, the rest is handled by existing components, so it is easier than you may think to plug your database system, validation system, transformation system, dissemination system into SDMX. We played the lead role in the development of the component architecture and have developed a set of java modules that implement this architecture. We are well placed to give the best advice on how to use this powerful set of components to save you resources and time.


Over the years we have trained personnel from over 50 organisations in the SDMX standard and the tools available for using SDMX. We have given many in-house courses at the organisation premises and for the past five years we have given SDMX courses as part of the European Statistical Training Program.

We are pleased to use Altova XMLSpy® as our XML editing tool on our courses.


Over the years we have helped many organisations in their implementation of SDMX. We are well placed to do this as we helped to develop the SDMX standards and have built data collection and data dissemination systems for clients. We have built many tools, and we have developed the SdmxSource open source software used in all of our tools.

Our consultancy has ranged over a variety of topics. Here are some examples:

  • analysis of a current data dissemination system to see how SDMX could be used in a replacement system
  • how best to experiment with multi-dimensional data structures using live data from a current database
  • integration of SdmxSource into current systems
  • audit the implementation of a data dissemination service in the context of “how SDMX could improve the service and how could this be implemented”.

We also work closely with the SDMX sponsor organisations, and in particular with the SDMX Technical Working Group (TWG), on future aspects of the SDMX standard such as SDMX-JSON and the VTL (validation and transformation language).

We have contributed to the GSIM (Generic Statistical Information Model) where we were the lead modellers.

So, if you are planning to use SDMX in your organisation or wish to determine what SDMX can do for you, then we have the expertise and experience to help you.