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Getting Started

This tutorial features a 7 minute guide which covers the deployment of the Fusion Matrix and loading of a dataset. The purpose of this video is to demonstrate how quick it is to get up and running with the Fusion Matrix with minimal configuration.

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This tutorial features a guide to loading a dataset with an Embargo specified. The dataset is not avaialble to query until the embargo time has passed.

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Data Portal

This tutorial features a guide to connecting the Fusion Matrix to additional data stores, thorugh both the use of SDMX web services, and direct connection to existing databases.

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Reference Metadata

This tutorial features a guide to adding additional metadata to datasets, dimenisons, codes, concepts, and observations. The additional metadata, known as 'Reference Metadata' is stored independantly of the data, and it is therefore possible to attach Reference Metadata to a data set which is maintained outside of the Fusion Matrix.

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Data Mapping

This tutorial features a guide to mapping two data structures using SDMX. Mapping data structures allows for the internal dimensionality and coding schemes for the dataset to differ from the external view.

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Developers' API