FusionXL is a plugin for Microsoft Excel® which, on enabling, will provide the user with the ability to set up connections to one or more Fusion Registries for the retrieval, viewing, and modification of Structural Metadata content.

FusionXL is distributed as a single XLAM file. Fusion XL is compatible with any Fusion Registry from version 8.4 onwards, and includes the SDMX Global Registry which is an 8.4 distribution of the Fusion Registry.

Information on enabling the plugin is provided in the Setup Guide.


Features Overview

Simple Install

FusionXL is a single xlam file. This file is simply placed into the Microsoft Excel® Add-Ins directory.

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Connect to Multiple Fusion Registries

FusionXL will connect to one or more instances of the Fusion Registry v8.4 or higher. There can be up to five connections defined.

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Browse, Lookup and Search Structures

There are three different ways to find structures in the Fusion Registry. The Browse feature enables the user to view all of the available structures, broken down by structure type, and maintenance agency. Look-up structure enables users to find structures that reference other structures. For example look-up 'Data Structure by Codelist' enables the user to navigate to a particular codelist, and then discover which Data Structures reference the Codelists. Search Structure provides a free text search for structures.

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Recent History

FusionXL stores recently viewed structures, allowing the user to easily retrieve recently viewed structures.

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Multi Lingual Support

FusionXL displays structure names and descriptions in the selected language. FusionXL also makes it easy to add names and descriptions in new languages, by merging uploaded content with existing content.

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Historical Modification

The Fusion Registry keeps track of every modification to every structure. FusionXL allows the user to view historical copies of the structure, providing an easy way to roll-back to an old copy if required.

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Whilst Fusion Registry structures are all public, if FusionXL is connected to a secure Fusion Registry, then it will enforce the user authenticates before structure modifications are made.

Structure Creation, and Deletion

FusionXL makes it easy to create new structures within the Fusion Registry, and to delete existing structures. The Fusion Registry will ensure all modifications are valid by performing the usual checks, before processing them.

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