The Fusion Cloud is Fusion Software hosted as a Service. The cloud is public for all to use. There are currently two Fusion applications hosted in the Fusion Cloud; Fusion Cloud Registry and Fusion Cloud Data Service.

The Fusion Cloud Registry is kept up to date with the latest Fusion Registry release, and federates off the SDMX Global Registry. All structures are public, and it is free to become an Agency user of this service.

The Fusion Cloud Data Service makes use of the structures in the Fusion Cloud Registry to provide a free SDMX data validation service. The Fusion Cloud Data Service also offers data transformation and data mapping services.

Fusion Cloud Registry

The Fusion Cloud Registry is hosting the latest Fusion Registry release, providing an HTML User Interface to view structures, Excel Reports on Concept and Codelist Usage, a Flash User Interface for structure maintenance, and also offers Excel to maintain codelists, and structure maps.

The Fusion Cloud Registry makes it is possible to PUSH structures directly to the SDMX Global Registry at the click of a button.

It is publicly available and free to use. It is free to become an Agency user, and we offer support if required.

If you would like to host your structures in the Fusion Cloud Registry, please contact: support@metadatatechnology.com

Fusion Cloud Data Service

Data reporting to International Organisations

Balance of Payments (BOP) and National Accounts (NAC) both have revised data reporting formats for use in 2014. Both require data reporters to use SDMX formats for reporting the data to the relevant International Organisation and this may pose some challenges for your organisation.

Metadata Technology has built the Fusion Cloud Data Service to enable your organisation to overcome these challenges.

This service ensures the data to be reported is not only valid according to these new reporting formats, but these services can transform your data from a simple delimited file format (such as CSV) or Excel spreadsheet to the required format reporting, and validating that this data is correct.

Furthermore, this service is not limited to NAC and BOP, it works with any type of data that can be described using SDMX: energy, education, labour force, tourism, financial, registers, and many more.


It is probable that your internal coding schemes and dimension structure is not that required by the organisation to which you report data. This is not a problem as the cloud service can map your data from your internal structures to that required for reporting. The mapping is easy to create as the service has a wizard to start the process, and then you complete the details in an Excel spreadsheet. Metadata Technology has a lot of experience of how best to design a system to enable organisations to create the maps, and a lot of experience in how to use them in a software system.

You can use this service either from a browser or integrate it into the workflow of your statistical reporting system using a simple command line application.

Sign Up

If you have SDMX-formatted data files and you want to perform validation using a browser then this service is free of charge. Visit the Fusion Cloud Services at data.sdmxcloud.org to sign up, and start validating, mapping, and transforming your data.

Facilities such as mapping, transformation, support for CSV and Excel data formats, are offered as part of the Premium Service. For more information on the Premium Service, or to request a free, no obligation 50-day trial, please click here.