Fusion Matrix provides the web services, MatrixJS is our JavaScript connector, to allow you to present your data as you like it.

Fusion Matrix

Fully featured statistical data dissemination tool that manages the complexity of fast database load, data discovery, query, data portal, and security.

Provides both a self building Data Repository and the ability to connect to external data stores, offering a Single Point of Access for all statistical data.

Designed in collaboration with and to fulfil the needs of International Organisations, Central Banks, and National Statistics Offices

We offer a free trial server with all the Fusion Products installed and configured

Our demo server is hosting data from multiple providers and includes 2011 Census data

The SDMX vision is to deliver to your organisation the ability to develop systems capable of collecting and disseminating more timely data and metadata whilst using less resources to achieve this.

The Fusion Matrix is a comprehensive SDMX Solution that helps to deliver this vision. It takes full advantage of the SDMX Information Model and SDMX Web Services. The Fusion Matrix can connect to the Fusion Registry which can be used to describe your datasets, reporting rules and restrictions, and templates for reference metadata.

Our vision is to provide a state-of-the-art registry that will drive your metadata driven processes.

Read the paper & presentation delivered at the OECD Experts Group Meeting 2014 hosted by Statistics Korea.

Fusion Registry

The Fusion Registry is a free-to-use SDMX Registry. It is fully SDMX-compliant.

It is used by many organisations as the backbone for metadata driven processes supporting data collection and data dissemination.

It is mature, robust, and highly performant. It is not static – new features are developed on a regular basis based on feedback from the community. So please feel free to provide your feedback to us so that we can deliver a cutting edge SDMX Registry

A Community product funded by the SDMX Sponsers

Registry As A Service

We are hosting the Fusion Registry As A Service and invite any Agency to host their structures here. We provide a free, secure, validation service, which validates datasets against the structures in the Fusion Cloud Registry.


Now offering a free Microsoft Excel® Plugin to manage Registry content

Used by many International Organisations, National Statistics Offices, and Central Banks. It is the registry behind the SDMX Global Registry.

Fusion Transformer Pro

Supporting data Transformation, Validation, Visualisation, Mapping, and Publication.

Can be used as a File Server, hosting a web service to obtain the stored data files in any supported format.

Transforms CSV and Excel datasets into and out of SDMX.

Integrates with Fusion Registry and can connect to Fusion Matrix, Fusion Security, and Fusion Audit

Run on a web service to support multi user access and provides a simple User Interface on the web browser.

Provides a leight-weight command line client for integration into existing software.

Fusion Cloud

The Fusion Cloud provides a web based solution for Data Validation and Transformation. It supports transformation from non SDMX datasets, such as XLSX and CSV.

The Fusion Cloud also provides a command line application, which connects to the Fusion Cloud API to validate and transform you datasets.

Whilst this service is both secure and free to use, you may prefer to run this in-house. For this we offer the Fusion Transformer Pro which combines the functionality of the Fusion Cloud, Fusion Transformer, and additional features such as mapping and the ability to host this in-house.

Fusion Weaver

The Fusion Weaver is a Free Desktop Application providing suport for Validation and Transformation of SDMX Structures and SDMX Datasets.

Fusion Transformer

The Fusion Transfomer is a Free Command Line Client providing suport for Transformation of SDMX Structures and SDMX Datasets.

Fusion Audit

Fusion Audit provides insight into both live and historical activity for the Fusion Registry, Fusion Matrix and Fusion Security.

Fusion Audit is tailored to capture important information related to and presented in terms of the SDMX Information Model, as well as HTTP and security details.

Fusion Security

Fusion Security provides a SDMX based solution for securing Fusion Registry and Fusion Matrix.

Fusion Security adheres to the best practices in I.T security to provide a robust, secure service.


All of our souftware is underpinned by our open source initiative, SDMX Source.

Fusion XL

Plugin for Microsoft Excel® to allow user to navigate, and maintain Fusion Registry content

Matrix JS

JavaScript Library for Fusion Matrix, to build and create HTML User Interfaces