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Currently the development of the Fusion Registry is funded by the SDMX sponsor organisations, and understandably any new functionality is limited to the registry core functions as envisaged in the SDMX specification.

However, we often receive feature requests from our community which go beyond this core functionality, especially features incorporating the typical processes associated with data, and the issues related to the processing of extremely large structural metadata objects such as large code lists or voluminous constraints.

Which of these features (if any) would you find useful if the feature was integrated into the Fusion Registry product?

We are exploring the possibility of offering the opportunity for our users to subscribe to a Professional edition of the Fusion Registry which would offer additional features, such as the ones listed above, and the ability to help shape the future product through feature requests which would be made available to our Professional Users and funded by an annual license fee.

Would you be interested in subscribing to a Professional edition of the Fusion Registry?