Metadata Technology

Metadata Technology Ltd. was set up in 2005 by the people that did the technical work on the SDMX standards. Since then we have provided consultancy and training on SDMX to a wide variety of organisations planning to implement SDMX-aware systems. It became apparent from this consultancy that whilst free-to-use software is important to the uptake of a standard, the user communities also require software that goes much further than basic support for the standard, and which can be provided with support and maintenance. So, even though we have developed many free-to-use tools such as the Fusion Registry which has been selected to be the tool used for the SDMX Global Registry, in 2010 we started to develop products to support data and metadata storage, discovery, retrieval, and dissemination.

In order to do this we developed a component architecture that is version and syntax independent, and developed implementation components that adhered to this architecture. Much of this software is available as open source but there are some real gems that we have developed that are specific to the user community benefitting from our Fusion Matrix Suite.

Today, we continue to develop and support the free-to-use software, we have pay-for products and services, and we continue to be active contributors to the SDMX standard. Our personnel represent some of the leading practitioners in the fields of technology, standards, and data. Together, they have decades of experience working with technology implementation in statistics, and are respected participants in the standards initiatives important to this work.

Our Vision

To deliver cost-effective solutions to business communities concerned with the collection, dissemination and use of data and related metadata, based on internationally recognized data and metadata standards.

Our Community

We work with all of the major organisations implementing SDMX providing consultancy, training, and software, and with their respective communities.

We have provided software solutions for database storage and retrieval, web services to support data collection, data discovery, and data dissemination, and sandboxes where organisations can experiment with SDMX, share knowledge and experiences, and see the benefits of adopting the standard and the software that supports it.