Fusion Registry 9

Statistical Data and Metadata Management System

Based on Open Standards ISO 17369:2013 (SDMX)


Welcome to Fusion Registry 9

We’ve been working hard over the last 9 months on an Integrated
Data and Metadata Management solution

And we think you’re going to like the result.

Fusion Registry 9

Fusion Registry 9 integrates all the technology from the Metadata Technology stack since 2007. It is the combination of many years of work and experience to bring you a fully integrated solution for data and metadata management using the SDMX standard as the foundation.

The Fusion Registry takes advantage of the elegant SDMX Information model to enable you to describe your data sets, data collections, data processes, and dissemination in a structured, organised, and shareable way.

Metadata Driven Solution

First and foremost the Fusion Registry is a SDMX Structural Metadata Repository

We have re-written the UI from the ground up to deliver a HTML metadata management solution which centralises around the use cases of data related processes such as collection, and dissemination, and data registrations.

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Data Services

Once your data sets, and related processes are described in the Fusion Registry, you can then take advantage of the Fusion Registry data services, including data authoring, validation, transformation, publishing, data portaling, and data dissemination.

The Fusion Registry SDMX Web Services enable you to open your data via a standard API making your data shareable and processible by external clients.

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Reference Metadata

Reference Metadata allows your users to get behind the numbers, it allows you to author explanatory notes, footnotes, collection methodology; any descriptive information that is of value to your customers can be authored and attached to your structures, or data points.

Fusion Registry 9 provides Reference Metadata authoring capabilities, with data and structure outputs which provide URL links to additional reference metadata. This solution enables client applications to easily navigate from your data, to any other resource you wish to make available.

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Client Side Libraries

Whilst we’ve been busy rebuilding the Fusion Registry HTML User Interface, we decided it would be a good idea to build a JavaScript framework that everyone can use. This framework is called IM-JS and talks to the SDMX web services to retrieve structures, data, and reference metadata.

We’ve also created another complementary framework, FusionJS, which makes use of the Fusion Registry as a middle tier service which takes care of the heavy lifting.

Both libraries make it easy to build client side applications for the purpose of data discovery, and visualisation.

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Integration with Statistical Applications

Browse Fusion Registry structures and data, author new datasets, take advantage of the data validation and transformation services, publish data directly to the Fusion Registry data store, all from within Microsoft Excel ®.

Take advantage of community libraries to connect your statistical applications such as R or Matlab to the Fusion Registry to obtain datasets for further up-stream processing.

The Fusion Registry is built on open standards, and plays nicely with others.

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Read the Fusion Registry 9 User Guides and Web Services Guides


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