Virtual Statistical Database Solutions
for Business Analytics and Econometrics


Fusion Registry 9 Virtual Statistical Database

Transparently integrate time series and cross-sectional statistical data from multiple source systems, departments and operating units to deliver
real actionable insights.

Metadata Technology’s Virtual Statistical Database solutions are designed for data teams who need a single consolidated source of reliable, validated and governed time series and cross-sectional statistics for business analytics and econometrics.

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Business Data Integration vs Virtual Statistical Database

Business data integration tools provide an effective way of drawing together large quantities of hetrogenous data from different silos. However, they are often not well suited to handling statistical data, and time series in particular. Fusion Registry 9 is designed specifically for statistics providing data teams with a catalogue of data sets and series they can begin working with immediately, without the need to spend time on data preparation. Time series are correctly structured with a defined observation frequency and unique series key. Dimension values are consistently and robustly coded.


Fusion Registry 9 uses SDMX to model the data. SDMX - Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange - the international standard for official statistics, provides a comprehensive 'meta-model' making Fusion Registry capable of handling any statistical domain. Fusion Registry uses the SDMX information model which is similar to a star schema to organise the statistical data. Because SDMX is an open non-proprietary standard, the data and metadata can be easily exchanged with other SDMX compliant tools.

Statistical Data Virtualisation

Fusion Registry 9 integrates statistical data in real time from multiple sources. Sources include files, web services and databases. Data can also be loaded into Fusion Registry's own locally managed storage which can be standard SQL databases, or Metadata Technology's persistent in-memory database where maximum query performance is required.

Connectors for Analytics Tools

Connectors are available for many statistical and visualisation tools including 'R' and SAS. For Excel, Metadata Technology's FusionXL plugin allows users to search the catalogue of datasets and series and load selected data directly into a spreadsheet.


A REST API which conforms to the official SDMX specification is provided for integration and automation. The API allows data to be exchanged in a range of formats including XML, JSON, CSV and Excel.