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Statistical Data and Metadata Management System

What We Do

We develop software that makes SDMX work for you. We give training on the “why”, the “what” and the “how” of SDMX. We help organisations integrate SDMX into their systems. We offer cloud based services such as validation and data collection.

In short, we help organisations and communities to solve their problems concerning data collection, data sharing, and data dissemination using open standards.

Thanks to the SDMX sponsors, much of our software is free and will continue to be maintained. Thanks to the feedback from the SDMX community on requirements for commercial software, we also offer pay-for tools.

SDMX Sponsors

The SDMX standard is sponsored by the following organisations:

SDMX is in daily use not only by the communities of the SDMX sponsors (central banks, statistical agencies, government departments) but also by organisations outside of the world of official statistics.

Open Data and SDMX

Open data is much more than just publishing data. It’s about making data:

discoverable, queryable, visible, understandable, processible

Simply creating a pdf file or even a spreadsheet and putting this on a website does not really make the data "open". You have to be able to find it (discoverable) and when you have found it you may only want to see (visible) a portion of it (queryable), you may want some explanatory material (understandable), and you may want to load your portion into other applications to analyse it further or make tables, charts, and maps or even combine it with other data (processible).

Making data shareable in this way means using standards. Thankfully, an open standard exists that does this. It’s called SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange).

Not only is SDMX an ISO standard (ISO 17369) the W3C recommendation "RDF Data Cube Vocabulary" is built from the core part of the SDMX model for data.

Metadata Technology and SDMX

We have been involved in SDMX since its inception in 2001. We helped to develop the SDMX Information Model and were the first organisation to develop an SDMX Registry to store SDMX metadata. Since then we have developed many tools to support SDMX including validation, transformation, data discovery and dissemination, and metadata authoring and curation.

All our tools are built with “SDMX inside” using SdmxSource, an open source software library developed by ourselves and now used by many organisations as an integral part of their own systems.


You will find lots of information about SDMX and the tools on this website and also on sdmx.org.



Working with the power of the SDMX information model, our products can digest and disseminate data and metadata for any data domain.


If you require a managed service for data dissemination, we can provide a highly available, secure, monitored infrastructure to support your requirements.


Not only do we know the standard, we helped create it. If there is any aspect of SDMX you need help or advice on, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.


If you are new to SDMX or require training, we provide SDMX training courses to suit all levels of expertise.


We build software with SDMX Inside. Our products are built on the solid foundation of SdmxSource, the open source implementation of the SDMX standard.

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Metadata Technology North America is our partner company providing general services and products around statistical and scientific data management. For more information, please visit http://www.mtna.us